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This extension allows you to ship orders with 13ten. You can generate shipping labels from magento interface and automatically upload shipments to 13ten. Add shipping rates based on weight and other conditions.

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This extension is fully integrated with 13ten to generate shipping labels and automatically uploads the shipments on 13ten server for dispatch. It allows you to configure different shipping services offered by 13ten and set shipping costs for each based on weight and other conditions. Additionally, the extension allows you to ship the orders in mass from orders grid which is very useful for organisations dispatching large number of orders daily. It is fast and very easy to use. You can also select 13ten shipping service of your choice while creating shipping labels instead of the shipping service selected for the order.


  • Ship orders via different services of 13ten.
  • Add shipping rates for 13ten services based on complex conditions like weight, country, etc.
  • Generate shipping labels for 13ten.
  • Ship orders with 13ten in mass from orders grid.
  • Automatically upload 13ten shipment to 13ten FTP server for dispatch.
  • Orders created using flat rate shipping method can also be shipped using 13ten service.


Compatible with all magento1 CE versions above 1.6.*.*.

Please note - the shipping labels and automatic shipment upload on 13ten server is only valid for UK as customer's shipping country.

  • Upload extension files to your magento directory.
  • Clear all magento cache from Admin > System > Cache Management.
  • Now follow the configuration instructions in the help document.

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